Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gary: 1000%

I am just writing a letter for my friend Ester. Just to say Ester will be deeply missed and allways in my heart and in my prayers. I just want Ester’s family and friends to know how great she was and how much she helped me when I was at the lowest point in my life. I didn’t want to live any more I wanted to die and I was very suicidal I had nothing to live for. But Ester helped me True the darkest times. Being so proffecional and having a Big heart she helped me see light at the end of the Tunnal. She gave me the will to live and told me about all the things in life I had worth living for like my family girlfriend and son. She stayed on the phone with me for over 1 and ½ hours untill she new I had the will to live and that it was safe to put the Phone down. From that day on my life and my atatude towards life is 1000%. I Just want to thank Ester I don’t Believe I would be still alive today if it wasn’t for my friend Ester. She is the Best. She has a heart of Gold and we need more people in this world like Ester with the love an dedication Ester had for her work clients and colleagues. Ester you will be deeply miss specially by me. Thanks for everything your great. RIP Ester. The world will never be the same again without you. Neather will I. We love you Girl.