Sunday, June 03, 2007

Syed: ‘My Guru’

'My Guru'

Ester was my teacher. My first visit to the detention centre was in her company. She treated me like a mother would train a toddler to walk. She told me where to get off the bus. But later I found out that if she got off one stop after, she would have to walk less and not have to cross roads. I wanted to tell her but alas now I cannot.

She was also teaching me the use of database. If I was good at something, she would say “Brilliant!" I was pushed to my primary school days. She was equally good at chiding on your mistakes.

She was very soft-spoken and sympathetic. She appealed to the core of your psyche. She was loved and adored by all the detainees.

One of the detainees called the office. He was a Muslim from one of the African countries and said, “She died in the month of Ramadhan. She will go to heaven straight. No questions about that.” No comments!