Monday, July 09, 2007

Philip Cheung: Daughter of Zion

~~ Daughter of Zion ~~

Hark, Ester, white lily of the desert,
this is the voice of my heart—

As the cold wind and red dust whips across
the long path of your mystical journey,
You still walked on
without a pause!

As the damp fog and lonely mist danced together
to blur the vision of the world,
You still saw clearly
via the window of your soul!

As modern men and women swim aimlessly in
the lakes of pleasure and champagne,
You kept the mitzvah
with devotional faith!

As sages and scholars search diligently for
the Eternal Light of the Tanakh,
You delight in the Truth
of every Holy Word!

Hark, Ester, fragrant rose of Israel,
this is the voice of my heart—

As the Hokmah of Shekhina guides your thoughts,
I feel Her full force!

As the Holiness of Hakadosh adorns your words,
I hear them in awe!

As the Faithfulness of El-Berit keeps your deeds,
I see a true Daughter of Zion!

As the Harp of David instils your songs,
I hear you singing the Psalms!

Hark, Ester, magenta zinnia to your friends,
this is the voice of my heart—

As the zenith summer sun
brightens up the days,
Your smiles brighten up our lives!

As beautiful autumn leaves
paint the woods red and orange,
Your colourful character burnishes the Earth!

As the virgin winter snow
brings with it the Hannukah,
Your light bids goodbye to darkness, my old friend!

As the budding spring flowers
crown Nature with Life,
You remind us to “Choose Life!”
(And so we will!)

(A poem by “Purple Iron” in fond memory of the “Purple Princess”, Summer, 2007).