Monday, September 10, 2007

Debbie Bogard: transcending

I knew Ester what now feels like many years ago, when we were both involved with the Synagogue youth group. I was a few years older than Ester and when you’re younger, age always seems to be more important, more relevant somehow. It was obvious that Ester was never going to be tied down to such a pointless convention. Not that she even had to do anything, she just happened to be transcending age simply through being herself, radiating wisdom and intelligence and beauty.

Many years later, I was delighted to bump into Ester when she was working in the Salusbury deli. I went there a lot that year and would sometimes see Ester and Angela. Despite those years in between, those meetings felt genuinely meaningful, connecting in the present with a strong sense of a shared past.

I was devastated to learn of Ester’s death and, in Rabbi Gordon’s words, feel impoverished at the loss. I was honoured to attend Ester’s stone setting yesterday and gratified to be able to learn more about Ester’s life and her exceptional achievements. I know that she will serve as an inspiration to me in how to live a good and righteous life.