Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Stone Setting

The stone for Ester's grave will be set at 2:30 pm on Sunday 9th September 2007. Afterwards refreshments will be served nearby and then there will be a gathering of “Ester's Walks of Life" organised by her friends: memories and reflections, as well as pieces of music and film in which Ester features.

If you would like to attend, please write to

As part of "Ester's Walks of Life", we would like to draw together the Ester sayings and phrases that you remember her by, that to you symbolise her or that just sum up her essence for you: perhaps a joke, a sign off or a witty cynicism. We will do our best to weave these through our celebration of Ester's life, bringing more parts of the special woman we loved to be with us, in all her various purple ways.

You can send them to