Sunday, December 09, 2007

Salusbury WORLD: extraordinariness

Sarah Reynolds (Manager: Salusbury WORLD) writes:

Ester made an enormous contribution to this charity: she was so committed and had a relentless energy and enthusiasm as well as a fantastic relationship with the children. We were all so shocked and upset to hear of her death last year; even now it is hard to take it in.

Reading the blog and attending her funeral, her extraordinariness became even more apparent. She was a remarkable, generous and principled human being who achieved more in her short life than most of us do in decades.

We just wanted to add our voices to the many offering their sympathy but also our gratitude for the tremendous amount that Ester gave to us and the children we work with.

From the Salusbury WORLD annual report, 2007:
This year’s Annual Report is dedicated to the memory of Ester Gluck, an incredibly enthusiastic and vibrant volunteer who not only had a genuine love for children but also real interest in refugee issues. Aside from the varied support she gave us at the After School & Holiday Club and other Salusbury WORLD events, Ester also gave much of her time to the Refugee Council, as well as pioneering a theatre project bringing together Jewish and Muslim artists in Kilburn. She was a truly unique and selfless individual who will be sorely missed and never forgotten.