Monday, March 03, 2008

'Project Ester' and a jewel in the crown

“Many of you knew Ester Gluck... Those of you who did not know her would have noticed her in shul—her long curly hair, her humungous platform shoes, her wicked smile and, of course, her beautiful voice which entranced us all when she leyned, davened, or simply joined in. Ester was an integral part of Minyan Hadash”—wrote Debbie Usiskin, coordinator of the Minyan Hadash at New London Synagogue and of 'Project Ester'.

‘Project Ester’ is a Minyan initiative—in Ester’s memory—to commission a Torah mantle and cover, an Ark curtain and a cloth for the ‘bimah’ table. Debbie Usiskin adds: “The design and development of these pieces will help to identify and consolidate our community.” Lana Young, an experienced textile artist—who knew Ester—accepted the commission and has already given generously of her time and ideas. Her early designs are very exciting. No prizes for guessing the colours!

Our task now is to raise the necessary funds… And Gina Sanders is first off the mark in organising a sale of hand-made jewellery (varying in style and price) and her original greetings cards made from her own beautiful photographic images. This sale will very appropriately take place on the Sunday evening before Purim - 16th March - 6.30-7.30 and 9.00-10.00. In between - at 7.30 - there will be a lecture by Rabbi Reuven Hammer entitled, "Was Esther written by a Jewish Jane Austen?"

So can you be a gem...
  • by coming along and buying jewellery or cards on 16th March?
  • by raising funds in your own way, perhaps with friends—such as through a sale or by a sponsored something-or-other?