Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ester, Muju UpSTARTS and The Separated Child Foundation

The Muju UpSTARTS event (see the posting on 2 March, below) resulted in an 11-minute film, produced by Jamie Cohen and Max Diamond of J-doc. It's been posted - in two parts - at (Scroll down a fair bit and, on the way, pause the music that plays automatically if you want to hear the sound on the film! The second part is directly under the first.)

Muju has also posted on its website the podcast of the short interview given on the day by Angela Gluck - when the interviewer couldn't find the Chair of The Separated Child Foundation and had to make do with her! Angela was asked about Ester, the Muju Crew and The Separated Child Foundation. The interview lasts just over five minutes and is unedited so you hear her authentically umming and aahing a bit! You can go directly to it at or visit enter the site, click 'rewind' and then the podcast.